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Lead vocals, guitar, fiddle and mandolin
Hayley comes from a musical family and has been performing in public since the tender age of ten, and is what can only be described as a true professional. She sings lead vocals and fronts the forum, playing guitar, fiddle, mandolin, dobro and banjo, amongst many other instruments. Hayley is a songwriter in her own right and the forum has recorded and played many of her compositions. She has played a wide variety of gigs; one man shows, touring with successful bands, end of pier shows and appearing on live radio and television. Hayley's multiple talents have allowed her to cover many different musical genres; jazz, bluegrass,Country, blues and pop classics.
Dobro, banjo and harmony vocals
Charles has worked in every part of the music business since the 80's, from selling stringed instruments, teaching, organising festivals and of course most importantly, playing music. Charles was originally signed up by Decca and toured USA and Europe. He has played in many bands over the years, notably Spot the Coyote and Kentucky Blue. Charles has regularly guested on recording sessions and gigged with numerous other bands. He was invited to and attended the Resophonic Summit in Nashville in 2009. This is where the best players come from all over the world. Charles was the only Englishman there.
Banjo and sarcastic asides
Johnnie has been playing banjo for nigh on 20 years. He learned his trade right the from the very source of bluegrass; his mentor being a renowned banjoist Garland Shuping from Rockwell, North Carolina in the U.S.A. Johnnie brought back one of Shupings banjos (bought and paid for !). He has played in many bands, namely Caravan Club, Bluebilly, Ugly Dog Skiffle. His own project Buntinline Special plays classic bluegrass breakdowns. Johnnie is an interesting chap to know as he has his own Slewfoot Brewery in Norfolk.
Sarah bristowSARAH BRISTOW
Double bass and vocals
Sarah plays double bass and brings the third harmony to the forum. She has been on the Norfolk music scene for thirty years fronting the Swing Society, Trio Grande and the Cleaving Heevages plus Support. Sarah also plays tenor, alto and soprano saxophones, teapot, and keyboards. She was taught piano by rote at very tender age, in a dark turret of a convent by a nun with several fingers missing. This experience then lead Sarah on to teach herself any other instruments she wanted to play without any help from amputees.

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